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Our Mission

To promote and deliver energy and resource saving solutions

«RIZA GLOBAL» is system integrator and based on 2012 to promote energy and resource saving technologies, to launch projects of utilities digitalization and indoor\outdoor smart lighting

We are integrating best available technologies for this purpose based on LoRaWAN, Power Line communication and GSM\GPRS\4G


years in the market

smart metering (water, electricity, heat, gas)

10 000+

installed base of smart meters

Smart street LED lighting

Focus on resource saving


RIZA GLOBAL is an integrator for digitalization of energy metering and SMART Street lighting.

In addition to supplying various meters, we are engaged in the integration of METERING OF ALL ENERGY AND WATER RESOURCES.

We have professionals with deep experience. We have implemented projects in Almaty, Atyrau, Shymkent, Taldykorgan, Kyzylorda in Kazakhstan and have positive experience with platform providers from Poland and India.

Data collection

Remote data collection and metering of consumption of water, gas, electricity and heat with further data transmission via the LoRaWAN radio network to the service provider. Reading any PULSE output device or connection via RS-485.

Advantages for Utilities

Collection of up-to-date data from meters

Reduced reading costs

Demand forecasting and planning

Reducing the risk of spreading of infections

Advantages for customers

Obtaining accurate data on the consumption of water, electricity, gas and heat

Reducing energy costs through analysis

Prompt identification of leaks and losses

Cost forecasting

Our reference

The numerous tests of OrionMeter LA-IP LoRaWAN modems with different pulse output water meters and with our DropByDrop (DBD) Smart Water loT platform led me to view the product as well-tested and of high quality. In fact, in addition to fulfilling the technical requirements of our current situation, the OrionMeter LA-IP LoRaWAN modem offers several supplementary capabilities that could be useful for water companies.

We wish strong and long-term association with such a reliable product with great support system in place. 

Best Regards,

Santosh Bendkhale

Founder & CEO

DropByDrop (BD) is Hardware Vendor Neutral, Multi-protocol Compatible, Cloud-based Smart Water Management Platform with Internet of Things (loT), Intelligent Billing, Alerts and Geo-Asset Management, SCADA integration and BigData Analytic capabilities, preferred by variety of smart water use cases world over.

I have been cooperating with RIZA GLOBAL (formerly Greentek) for a year. In my loT systems I use Riza Global products such as:

1. OrionMeter LA-IP

2. OrionMeter LA-IP-RSP

3. OrionMeter LA-IP-RSP / AC

4. OrionMeter LA-IP-12C

5. OrionMeter ONR-TWM 868

The listed above devices are designed with great knowledge of the possibility of use in real conditions. Functionality of the devices is at a very high level. The build quality is very good. Very good quality of the components used for production.The customers who work with the devices praise their functionality and reliability.Cooperation with Greentek is very good. Greentek offers very good technical support. Equipment deliveries are made very quickly and efficiently.

Jacek Kozbial

Managing Director

S KOMUNIKACJA Jacek Kozbial, ul. POZNANSKA 28, 64-530 KAZMIERZ, POLAND, TAX ID: PL9121042002

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